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Deana Concilio-Lenz has been a successful executive producer, director and creative director for over twenty years by marrying ideas, substance and art. Her multi-talent has been about the visuals; helping her clients see beyond their current environments and create a new modern and timeless home. She is proud to continue her journey from producer to interior design architect. For over 8 years, her company, Deana Lenz Interiors has been creating and visualizing new environments for her decor clientele across the country, bringing her distinct modern eye to clients while ensuring she understands what the clients want. She then translates it into a timeless and modern home. Deana Concilio-Lenz participated in Parsons, The New School for Design Decorative Arts and Architecture Masters Program.

As a creative director, Deana's first instinct is she pays particular attention to the lighting and the bones in each room which begins her design process all while taking into account on how to design a distinct and comfortable vision for her clients. Deana builds on that visual, "most people build from the floor up, but I do it the other way around to get a sense of how the lighting and bones will work together with each new piece and color palette."


Deana Lenz Interiors projects consist of modern vintage pieces coupled with hand crafted furnishings by artisans that inject a sense of elegant craftsmanship to Deana's modern, timeless and eclectic signature look.

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