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Deana Concilio-Lenz has forged an illustrious career spanning over two decades as an accomplished executive producer, director, and creative visionary. With an innate ability to seamlessly intertwine ideas, substance, and artistic flair, she has continually elevated the realms of visual storytelling. Her diverse talents converge in the realm of interior design, where she orchestrates immersive experiences that transcend mere aesthetics, guiding clients towards envisioning and manifesting modern, timeless living spaces. Deana takes pride in her evolution from a pioneering producer to an esteemed interior designer, embarking on a journey marked by innovation and transformative design.


For over 8 years, her company, Deana Lenz Interiors has been creating and visualizing new environments for her decor clientele across the country, bringing her distinct modern eye to clients while ensuring she understands what her clients want. She then translates it into a timeless and modern home. "Deana Concilio-Lenz engaged in advanced studies within the prestigious Parsons, The New School for Design Decorative Arts and Architecture Masters Program.


Drawing from her extensive experience as a former creative director, Deana possesses a keen eye for detail, with a unique focus on illuminating the inherent beauty and architectural framework of every space. Her design journey begins by meticulously assessing the interplay of lighting and spatial elements, laying the foundation for a distinctive and inviting home tailored to her clients' needs. Deana's innovative approach challenges conventional norms; rather than starting from the ground up, she orchestrates her designs from the top down, envisioning how each textile and furniture piece will be accentuated by the nuances of light. In her philosophy, each lighting fixture serves as a luminous jewel, casting a radiant glow that elevates the ambiance of the room to unparalleled heights.

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